Surinova’s Tea Rover is a perfect synergy of Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. The product has consumed 3 years of intense research efforts of ignited maverick minds. This Rover completely understands the pain points of Tea plantation industry and addresses each one of it with precision and empathy.

Navigation - T-Rover is designed to maneuver the sloppy terrain up till 30 degrees. The sensors and controllers ensure the equipment stands to its ground and navigate with élan.

Precision - The precision engineering augmented by strong sensing capability, senses the top most layer of tender leaves that are suitable for processing and cultivates them.

Clean energy – Being an e-vehicle, the equipment saves not only the skyrocketing fuel cost, but also the serene plantation environment from fossil fuel pollution.

Operation – Unlike conventional farm equipment, T-Rover is not a ride-on vehicle. It is remotely operated by joy stick like remote controller. It can be operated from a distance of 10 meters. A semi skilled labor who can handle an android smart phone can operate it with ease.

Labor – At present the Tea farms are not able to cultivate about 20% to 30% of the produce due to lack of labor. Youngsters are migrating to the other industries and current generation would soon burn out, leading to severe labor crisis. T-Rover is capable of complementing efforts of 25 persons. The whole operation needs just an operator and two assistants.

Product Specification

2400 mm
Wheel base
1200 mm
1500 mm
Forward slope
Sideward slope
Remote – Radio control
Discharge duration
6 Hours
Turning radius
Zero meters
Area coverage/Hour
0.3 Hectares

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